Orchestrate and Exchange Data with ‘EtherCalc’ Instances


The ‘EtherCalc’ (https://ethercalc.net/) web application is a multi-user, collaborative spreadsheet that can be run locally on virtually any modern operating system. Methods are provided to orchestrate and exchange data with ‘EtherCalc’ instances.

What’s Inside The Tin

The following functions are implemented:

  • ec_append: Append a data frame to a “room”, optionally starting at a given row
  • ec_cmd: Issue EtherCalc “commands” to a room
  • ec_delete: Delete a “room” from an EtherCalc instance
  • ec_edit: Edit a data frame in a new or existing EtherCalc “room”
  • ec_exists: Does an EtherCalc “room” name exist?
  • ec_export: Export an EtherCalc “room” to a local file
  • ec_list: List all of the available EtherCalc documents
  • ec_new: Create a new, empty EtherCalc “room”
  • ec_read: Read an EtherCalc “room” to a local data frame
  • ec_running: Export an EtherCalc “room” to a local data frame
  • ec_start: Start an EtherCalc instance (requires you to install EtherCalc first)
  • ec_view: Open a browser window/tab to an EtherCalc “room”
  • ethercalc_host: Get or set ETHERCALC_HOST value


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# current version
## [1] '0.1.0'

ethercalc Metrics

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