A ‘usethis’-esque Package for Base R Versions of ‘tidyverse’ Code


The ‘tidyverse’ is awesome, but can take a bit to compile on systems where there are no pre-built binary packages. Methods are provided which use the facilities of the ‘usethis’ package to snap-in base versions of useful ‘tidyverse’ functions that are mostly equivalent (some are more complete than others). The base R counterpart functions will likely be slower than the ‘tidyverse’ equivalents but using them will decrease ‘Imports’ dependencies.

Use deliberately and with caution.


This package shares core concepts with noplyr (and the author of noplyr is a contributor to freebase). For valid, needed reason, noplyr uses rlang and that introduces a compilation dependency/requirement which freebase is trying to avoid. The goal of freebase is 100% base R implementation of core/most frequently used tidyverse components primarily for use by package authors who prefer tidyverse idioms and would like to use them in package development but do not want to introduce compilation and/or third-party dependencies.

As noted just above, freebase should be uses deliberately and with caution.

What’s Inside The Tin

The following functions are implemented:

  • use_detect: Use base R versions of purrr detect functions (these support ~{} formula functions)
  • use_infix_helpers: Use infix-helpers
  • use_isers: Use “is_” tester functions
  • use_keepers: Use base R versions of purrr keep functions (these support ~{} formula functions)
  • use_mappers: Use base R versions of purrr map functions (these support ~{} formula functions) along with set_names()
  • use_safely: Use base R versions of purrr safely functions
  • use_tidylite(): Use base R versions of core tidyr functions
  • use_walkers: Use base R versions of purrr walk functions (these support ~{} formula functions)





# current version
## [1] '0.2.0'