You should import_tinyhand() first and also install the fonts on your system before trying to use this theme.

  base_family = font_th,
  base_size = 10.5,
  plot_title_family = font_th,
  plot_title_size = 18,
  plot_title_face = "bold",
  plot_title_margin = 10,
  subtitle_family = font_th,
  subtitle_size = 13,
  subtitle_face = "plain",
  subtitle_margin = 15,
  strip_text_family = base_family,
  strip_text_size = 12,
  strip_text_face = "plain",
  caption_family = font_th,
  caption_size = 9,
  caption_face = "plain",
  caption_margin = 10,
  axis_text_size = base_size,
  axis_title_family = base_family,
  axis_title_size = 9,
  axis_title_face = "plain",
  axis_title_just = "rt",
  plot_margin = margin(30, 30, 30, 30),
  grid_col = "#cccccc",
  grid = TRUE,
  axis_col = "#cccccc",
  axis = FALSE,
  ticks = FALSE


base_family, base_size

base font family and size

plot_title_family, plot_title_face, plot_title_size, plot_title_margin

plot tilte family, face, size and margin

subtitle_family, subtitle_face, subtitle_size

plot subtitle family, face and size


plot subtitle margin bottom (single numeric value)

strip_text_family, strip_text_face, strip_text_size

facet label font family, face and size

caption_family, caption_face, caption_size, caption_margin

plot caption family, face, size and margin


font size of axis text

axis_title_family, axis_title_face, axis_title_size

axis title font family, face and size


axis title font justificationk one of [blmcrt]


plot margin (specify with ggplot2::margin)


grid color


panel grid (TRUE, FALSE, or a combination of X, x, Y, y)


axis color


add x or y axes? TRUE, FALSE, "xy"


ticks if TRUE add ticks


There is an option hrbrthemes.loadfonts which -- if set to TRUE -- will call extrafont::loadfonts() to register non-core fonts with R PDF & PostScript devices. If you are running under Windows, the package calls the same function to register non-core fonts with the Windows graphics device.

Why Titillium Web?

It's free, has tolerable kerning pairs and multiple weights. It's also different than Arial Narrow and the fonts most folks use in ggplot2 charts.