The simple Wald type interval for multinomial proportions which is symmetrical about the sample proportions. In this method no continuity corrections are made to avoid zero width intervals when the sample proportions are at extreme.

scimp_wald(inpmat, alpha)



the cell counts of given contingency tables corresponding to categorical data


a number in [0..1] to get the upper 100(1-alpha) percentage point of the chi square distribution


tibble with original and adjusted limits of multinomial proportions together with product of length of k intervals as volume of simultaneous confidence intervals


Wald, A Tests of statistical hypotheses concerning several parameters when the number of observations is large, Trans. Am. Math. Soc. 54 (1943) 426-482.


y <- c(44, 55, 43, 32, 67, 78)
z <- 0.05
scimp_wald(y, z)