The input servers data frame will be truncatred to the first max and HTTP and ICMP probe tests will be performed to determine initial retrieval speed and latency. Not all servers respond to ICMP requests due to the way their routers, switches or firewalls are configured.

spd_best_servers(servers = NULL, config = NULL, max = 10)



if not NULL, then the data frame from spd_servers(). If NULL, then spd_servers() will be called to retrieve the server list.


client configuration retrieved via spd_config(). If NULL it will be retrieved


the maximum numbers of "best" servers to return. This is hard-capped at 25 since Oookla is a free/sponsored service and if you plan on abusing it you'll have to write your own code to do so. Default is 10.


server list in order of latency closeness (retrieval speed column included)


the list of target servers will be truncated to the first max. max may amount may not be returned if there were errors connecting to servers.