Currently, six tests are performed in increasing order of size.

spd_upload_test(server, config = NULL, summarise = TRUE,
  timeout = 60, .progress = "dplyr")



a data frame row from one of the functions that retrieves or filters a server list. You can pass in a full servers list but only the first entry will be processed.


client configuration retrieved via spd_config(). If NULL it will be retrieved


the raw results from each test --- including file sizes --- will be returned if the value is FALSE. If TRUE only summary statistics will be returned.


max time (seconds) to wait for a connection or download to finish. Default is 60 seconds


if "dplyr" then dplyr progress bars will be used. If "dot" then "." will be used. If anything else or "none", then no progress will be reported.


This uses the legacy HTTP method of determining your bandwidth/speed and, as such, has many issues. Rather than hack-compensate for error-prone results with smaller files used on high-bandwidth connections, raw size + transfer speed data is returned enabling you to perform your own adjustments or choose which values to "believe".


speed/bandwidth values are in Mbits/s; these tests consume bandwidth so if you're on a metered connection, you may incur charges.